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Animal Series Playground Equipment


1.Our special animal series playground equipment is designed according to children's psychological needs. There are different shapes of animals on the roofs. The plastic playground equipment can motivate the kids' curiosity and love for animals.
2. Every design is close to the theme, such as the transparent sliding tube, bear shaped door of the spiral slide, etc. Children can make friends with animals when they are playing. At the same time, the equipment can help to enhance the abilities of sliding, swaying and turning. This children playground equipment can enrich children's imagination.

1.The roof is shaped in various animals.

2. The spiral slide can bring the challenge of spiraling.

3. The animal series playground equipment integrates the robot climbing device and small crawling net. Children will find the feel of climbing up the mountain when they are climbing up the climbing pocks.

1.The product is only for kids at the age of 3 to 15, and they should be accompanied and guided by guardians.
2. Load capacity: 35-50 kids
3. Size of the facility: 930cm×620cm×440cm
4. Size of the safety area: 1330cm×1020cm×440cm
5. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


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