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Rhyme of Sea Sailing Series Playground Equipment


1. The rhyme of sea sailing series playground equipment is quite suitable for the seaside. The roof of the play equipment is a sail just like Sydney Opera House's and it shows the rhyme of sea. This amusement equipment is a symbol of the tropical temptation.
2. The outdoor play equipment is designed in different colors including warm color, cool colors and silver beach colors. Every color can bring the special visual sensibility to children. The playground equipment demonstrates enthusiasm, openness, freedom, liveliness and other dynamic elements. It can help to train children's positive moods.

1.The roof of the rhyme of sea sailing series playground equipment is like Sydney Opera House's.

2. Children can get into the facility through the right side and the left side.

3. The tank slide can help the children receive military training from childhood.

4. Children can pass through the hole and climb up, which will exercise children's ability of climbing.

5. The dancing machine can make children swing from side to side.

6. Crawling net

1. Model: KQ20047A
2. Recommended age of group: 3 to 15 years old, children who are under 15 years should be under the supervision of the guardian.
3. Load capacity: 30-50 kids
4. Unit size: 1560cm×1180cm×520cm
5. Safety zone size: 1960cm×1580cm×520cm
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


  • Slide KQ20047A
  • Slide KQ20039A
  • SlideKQ20049A
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