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Ancient Tribe Series Playground Equipment


The ancient tribe series playground equipment is made of the simulated woods. You will feel you are in the ancient tribe. The roof looks like it is made of natural woods or made in similar color to chocolates. Our product is decorated with owl shape, archaistic swing and so on. The inspiration of our design all comes from the myth, suitable for motivating children's imagination to create and exercise.

1.The whole product is colored similar to chocolates. So it is also called house of chocolate.

2. The ancient tribe series playground equipment is combined with PE.

3. The simulated wood slide is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics

4. Children can go through the chocolate hole side to side.

5. The platform and pillars are made of woods.

1. Model: KQ20060A
2. Recommended age of group: 3 to 15 years old, children who are under 15 years should be under the supervision of the guardian.
3. Load capacity: 30-50 kids
4. Unit size: 640cm×320cm×440cm
5. Safety zone size: 1040cm×720cm×440cm
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


  • Slide KQ20060A
  • Slide KQ20055A
  • Slide KQ20056A
  • Slide KQ20057A
  • Slide KQ20058A
  • Slide KQ20059A
  • Slide KQ20062A
  • Slide KQ20063A
  • Slide KQ20064A

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