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Pirate Ship Series Playground Equipment


The pirate ship series playground equipment is quite suitable for leisure places, such as coast and beach. As the most popular equipment in vivid color and shape, it makes children feel they are on a mighty warship. Somebody operates the rudder, somebody investigates and somebody raise sails.

It is children's wonderland and their entertainment circle beyond schools. Children can play happily and learn how to divide the task and cooperate with others.

1.The life-like corsair and sail can enhance the visual effect.

2. Going through the net can exercise children's abilities of drilling, climbing and the coordination of hands and legs, as well as their spirits of adventure.

3. The stimulation rocks which are connected with a platform and children can climb on it to improve their climbing, balancing, and physical coordinate ability for climbing mountains.

4. The slide is jointed with transparent tubes. Children can see the outside world rotating at a full speed by the PC slide. It not only increases the irritation, but also decreases the fear of sliding from the height. Yet it is much safer.

5. The ladder has many colors, so it is called rainbow. It is a new device for connecting the upper platform to the lower platform.

6. The sectional spiral slide is a new part of our pirate ship series playground equipment. Designed in different colors and smooth surface, it is full of excitement and happiness.

1. Model: KQ20084A
2. Recommended age of group: 3 to 15 years old, children who are under 15 years should be under the supervision of the guardian.
3. Capacity: 30-50 kids
4. Unit size: 1100cm×680cm×680cm
5. Safety zone size: 1500cm×1080cm×680cm
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


  • Slide KQ20084A
  • Slide KQ20080A
  • Slide KQ20081A
  • Slide KQ20082A
  • Slide KQ20085A
  • Slide KQ20086A
  • Slide KQ20087A

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