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Tree House Series Playground Equipment


The tree house series playground equipment is the extension of the forest series. Children are the hosts of the rooms. They climb up the rocks, play on swings and slides. There is river of love flowing there full of domestic peace. The tree house series playground equipment blends the traditional morality in the games. It is vivid and scientific.

1.The leaf shaped roof is lifelike and it is full of forests' colors, enhancing the visual effect.

2. The combined triple slide is our major product. Designed in bright color, it can allow up to 3 children to play with at the same time.

3. Children can climb up the simulated rocks connected to a platform. The facility can exercise children's climbing, balancing, and the coordinate ability of climbing mountains.

4. The slide is jointed with transparent tubes. The children can see the outside world rotating at a full speed by the PC slide. It not only increases the irritation, but also decreases the fear of sliding from the height. It is safer.

5. The climbing ladder has many colors, so it is called rainbow. It is a new thing to connect the upper platform and the lower platform.

6. The combined spiral slide is the newly developed product. With colorful and smooth surface, it is very joyful.

1. Model: KQ20092A
2. Recommended age of group: 3 to 15 years old, children who are under 15 years should be under the supervision of the guardian.
3. Capacity: 30-50 kids
4. Unit size (cm): 1340×800×580
5. Safety zone size (cm): 1740×1200×580
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


  • Slide KQ20092A
  • Slide KQ20095A
  • Slide KQ20096A
  • Slide KQ20097A
  • Slide KQ20098A
  • Slide KQ20099A
  • Slide KQ20101A
  • Slide KQ20102A

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