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Castles Series Playground Equipment


Children have great yearn for the mysterious castles in the film of Harry Potter. Their fantastic travel starts from the castles series playground equipment. Our inspiration comes from the European castles. The outdoor school equipment combines elegant walls and crown shaped roofs.

This amusement equipment shows the lordliness and exalted status. It has batteries, gate towers, covered ways, windmills and rainbow bridges. Every scene is an abbreviation of the real world. The castles series playground equipment can make the children explore in a fantasy world. It is quite suitable for the manor, district, square and beach.

1.The outdoor play equipment can show the lordliness with a crown shaped roof, two imperial crown shaped roofs and a lot of battlements.

2. The single slide, double slide, and ‘S' spiral slide connected with the transparent tube can increase the joy of playing.

1.Model: KQ20105A
2. Applicable group: 3 to 15 years old (Children under 15 should be under the supervision of the guardian.)
3. Capacity: 30-50 kids
4. Unit size (cm): 1200×980×580
5. Safety zone size (cm): 1600×1380×580
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


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