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Nature Series Playground Equipment


The nature series playground equipment brings the feeling of returning to nature, freshness and relaxing. The fence shaped climbing rocks are joined with aerial ladder frame and rings naturally. The big mouth frog modeling is vivid.

The aisle of the nature series playground equipment makes the children feel like close to the nature. We try our best to make every design more naturally.

1.With bright color and special shape, the sea horse is lifelike.

2. It is easy to watch the movement of kids through spliced transparent tubes, which also increase the brightness.

3. The cake shaped roof activates children's interest. Designed in bright color and vivid shape, the surface is smooth and textured.

4. The leaf shaped roof with green color is lifelike, creating the atmosphere forest.

5. The ‘S' spiral slide is challenging and interesting. The double slide can allow two children to play together.

1.Model: KQ20135A
2. Applicable group: 3 to 15 years old (Children under 15 should be under the supervision of the guardian.)
3. Capacity: 10-30 kids
4. Unit size (cm): 920×490×390
5. Safety zone size (cm): 1320×890×390
6. For more details about product quality and safety consideration, please refer to the following page.Safety


  • Slide KQ20135A
  • Slide KQ20130A
  • Slide KQ20131A
  • Slide KQ20132A
  • Slide KQ20133A
  • Slide KQ20134A
  • Slide KQ20136A
  • Slide KQ20138A
  • Slide KQ20139A
  • Slide KQ20140A

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