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Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame

Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame


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Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame


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Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame


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The spider-man series climbing frame is designed with cool shape. It is more challenging and adventurous than the traditional products. This outdoor furniture can fully train and express children's characteristics of taking risks and being brave enough to struggle. This spider-man series climbing frame also helps them to set up confidence, courage and enthusiasm to face the future.


1.Balance swing with ropes
The balance swing with ropes' moving tracks are different from the traditional ones. This toy is improved in the play methods, in order to train children's coordination. The equipment is designed with hanging ropes and its swing range is not limited in parallel directions. Different strength for pushing increases the difficulties. So the children have to contract their muscles to control the swinging direction, and enhance their balanced capacity and coordinate ability.

The climbing facility allows 4 to 5 children to play on it at the same time. So it has a high demand of cooperation. The balance swing with ropes is convenient to preschool education and other teaching activities.

2. Colorful steps
The colorful steps are designed like the plum piles used by martial persons, but we bring forth new ideas to its function. As children cannot step on the same flat with two feet, so it is more difficult to move on. Children's bodies cannot be vertical, so children should strengthen the muscles to move forward. It is an efficient way to exercise the lower body. As the equipment is hard to play, in the middle of the spiral ladder is equipped with support rods. So kids can keep balance with the help of their hands. This outdoor equipment is a special one to train the muscles in children's waists and lower bodies.

3. Dancing machine
The dancing machine is a special spider-man series climbing frame for training children's suppleness of the waist and can strengthen the lower body's muscles. Users have to use the strength from waists and hips to drive the equipment to move like S, and this kind of movement can exercise the parts that the traditional equipment cannot reach. Thus the dancing machine is good for children's integrated development.

4. Balance seesaw
When children are playing on the balance seesaw, they don't need to be seated but should stand with their hands carrying the handrails and the body like a letter I. So users will stretch the back muscles and increase the contraction of the scapula muscles, avoiding humpback effectively.

5. Arc half-curved slide
The arc half-curved slide is used to improve upper body's strength and ligament. Its design is different from the tradition slides and its bottoms are designed parallel structure as the feet's point of strength. The top is designed in curve so that kids can grasp it easily. Games will become more and more difficult gradually.

The product not only improves the entertainment of the product itself, but also provides many tracks and ways to exercise climbing skills. So when children are playing games, they have to use the upper body's strength to explore the moving route. Curve structure design can stretch the suppleness of upper body.

6. Triangular crawl thru
The triangular crawl thru in the spider-man series climbing frame can increase children's coordination of limbs and the balancing ability by climbing. Our product is different from the traditional one in fixed model. The equipment is hung with a rope. Every part with stress will swing linearly along the vertical direction to gravity, increasing the climbing difficulty. This device has high requirements on the balancing ability of kids. Doing exercises frequently with the equipment can increase the limbs' adaptive capacity with the changing outer environment.

Unit size (mm) (L×W×H) 12500×11500×3400
Safety zone size(mm) (L×W)16500×15500
Installation time One day by three people
Capacity 15-20 kids
Packaging Standard export packing
Plastic parts: air bubble film and PP bag
Iron casting: bat and POF
Note 1. While playing games, children should be accompanied and guided by parents.
2. The edge tool and corrosive liquid are forbidden.
For more details about product quality and safety considerations, please refer to the following page Safety
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