1. Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame

      This outdoor furniture can fully train and express children's characteristics of taking risks and being brave enough to struggle. This spider-man series climbing frame also helps them to set up confidence, courage and enthusiasm to face the future.

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    1. Plastic Climbing FrameThe safeguard procedures of the playground must be guaranteed to keep kids safe while playing. The colorful rock holders on the climbing frame equipment can guide children to climb up or down. Every climbing holder is not on the same plane, increasing the moving difficulty.
    1. Military Training Series Climbing FrameOur military training series climbing frame is evolved from the army training base. The climbing frame equipment gets all kinds of exercises of the army involved. Without going to the army, children can experience the training programs.

Outdoor Climbing Frame

The outdoor climbing frame is suitable for the children at the age of 5 to 12, and it is made according to children's special size and ergonomics. Each part of the equipment is connected without seam so that children can participate in activities one after another. It is good for children's self-confidence and independence. Our outdoor toy is able to efficiently enhance children's abilities of climbing, jumping, passing through holes, swinging and turning. It will enhance children's upper body strength and climbing ability. The climbing frame equipment can help to increase children's imagination, adventuring ability and the balancing ability. It keeps kids learning in playing.

The outdoor furniture is combined in new elements. The traditional triangular holes are separated in three different places, creating new shapes and recreational projects. In consideration of children's safety and environmental protection, the product is designed elaborately in shape, material and technology. Its quality is controlled strictly. Our product is applicable for smaller place compared to other similar products.

The outdoor climbing frame suits schools, cultural squares in the village, villas, parks, residential communities, amusement parks, youth palaces and other indoor and outdoor places.