• KQ20188A
  • KQ20188B

Children can bounce up and down on this seesaw, which can exercise children's coordination of the body completely. Moreover, this teeterboard can be used as a routine instrument to strengthen arms, waists and backs, increasing the strength and suppleness of shoulder girdle muscles. The teeter-totter is good for kid's physical and psychological health.

1.The plastic part is shaped by rotational molding with special LLDPE made by Korean Samsung, enjoying long service life. Compliant with GB/T 4454-1996, it is beautiful in color and its thickness of the plastic part is 6mm. UV resistant performance reaches 8 levels. The plastic part is also antistatic, safe, corrosion resistant and environment protective.

2. The pillar of the play equipment is made of hot dip galvanized tubes with the diameter of 114mm and the thickness of 2mm. The pillar is pressed by large-scale pipes without fading and its quality meets the standard of BS1387-1985. The product is examined by SAQM. Its surface is coated with electrostatic powder and solidified with high temperature by assembly line. Thus it is smooth, UV and corrosion resistant.

The seesaw is mainly suitable for all kinds of kindergartens, schools, high-grade residential areas, amusements, markets, cultural squares and so on.

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