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1.The merry-go-round is designed in bright color without fading. It has a series of merits, such as high strength, wear resistance, sun-proof property, aging resistance and anti-crack performance.
2. The outdoor amusement equipment is designed in reference to European and American popular styles and the characteristics of interior market. It tactfully blends the functional movements of running, going through, climbing, clambering, sliding, turning over and rolling in children's games.

The outdoor entertainment equipment exercises the balance, independence, coordination, creativity and self-protection awareness of kids.

1.We use PE plastic plates carved by computer. Thus the merry-go-round is more compliant with the standards in detail, and becomes more exquisite. Its plastic part uses import LLDPE shaped by rotational molding, meeting the standards of GB/T 4454-1996. Its wall thickness is more than 6mm. The plastic part is beautiful in color and UV resistant, reaching the Australia food-grade standards. It is antistatic, safe, eco-friendly and weatherproof.

2. The iron casting is made of steel that meets the international standards. We apply argon arc welding and CO2 arc welding technologies reaching the standards of GB/T8810-1995. After integral processing, the iron casting will be treated in the parkerising and slinging process. Sprayed with American DuPont outdoor environmental polyester powder and cured at high temperature its smooth surface will be extremely UV resistant.

3. The plastic coated platform of the merry-go-round is made of high-duty cold rolled steel sheets with the thickness of 2.2mm. It is punched one-time by Germany import numerically-controlled machine tool, and the punching diameter is 8mm so as to prevent children from hurt through putting the fingers into the hole.

The merry-go-round is widely used in amusement parks, kindergartens, parks, department stores, super markets, food cities, children's training schools and other children's activities spaces.

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