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The swing is an important part of the recreational equipment. It can exercise children's balance roundly. This product helps kids to overcome their nervous and scared feelings, enhance psychological enduring capacity and self-control ability, improve the growth of bones and muscles, and increase the body's coordination. It is an amusement in favor of children's physical and psychological health. Additionally, we offer the swing in diverse shapes and suitable for kids in different ages.

Materials and Technology
1.The supporter of the play equipment is made of tough large-scale pipes that conforming to the quality standard of BS1387-1985.

2. The pillar is made of galvanized tubes with the diameter of 114mm and the thickness of 2mm. Its surface is coated with electrostatic powder and solidified with high temperature by assembly line, achieving smooth effect. With excellent performance on resisting UV and corrosion, this device is able to keep the safety of kids while playing.

3. Special LLDPE for rotational molding made by Korean Samsung is adopted to mold the plastic part. Meeting the standards of GB/T 4454-1996, this plastic part has long service life. Its wall thickness reaches 6mm. The UV resistance level is 8. Meanwhile, the plastic part is also antistatic, safe and environment protective.

4. The iron casting of the swing is made of steel that is international standard compliant. Welded through argon arc welding and CO2 arc welding technology in consistence with GB/T8810-1995, this molded iron casting will be treated with phosphate and slinging. Its surface will be sprayed with American DuPont outdoor environmental polyester powder and cured at high temperature. Thus the smooth surface possesses high UV resistance ability.

This product is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in kindergartens, schools, high-grade residential areas, amusements, markets, cultural squares and so on.

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