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Inflatable play area

  • KQ21117C
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The large soft play area is a new generation of entertainment facility. It is designed according to children's characteristics, consisting of slider, crawler and other devices. The inflatable bounce table can help the children to develop intelligence and do exercises through sliding, climbing, jumping, going into and other novel modes of activities. Varying in different animals' shapes, it is widely preferred by kids.

The inflatable castle is made of super waterproof fabric, realizing scientific stereoscopic combination. This durable equipment is a very comprehensive amusement park. It is popular among the customers because of its randomness and unpowered device. Furthermore, the product is safe, easy to manage and maintain.

Our soft play area imports the double sided PVC coating with the thickness of 0.45mm. Its tensile strength is 3478N, tear strength is 1572N and the adhesive force is 188N/5cm. Suitable for working at the temperature of -30℃ to +65 ℃, this product expands its service life.

Processing Technology
The soft play area is sewed with double lined open wire evenly as much as possible. The stitch length is kept between 4.2mm and 4.5mm to decrease the air leakage and enhance the strength of the sewing parts.

The error on the width of brushing glue and adhesive tapes is controlled less than ±0.5cm. The joint where the frame connects with the bouncing surface is designed in arc structure as could as possible. Thus the product can bear stress evenly and increase its working life. There is a one-meter safe zone between every two frames or the frame and the fence, keeping the safety of player.

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