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Indoor Playground Equipment

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Different from the outdoor facilities, the indoor playground equipment pays more attention to take advantage of the space. It makes children enjoy more entertainment projects in the limited space.

1.The indoor playground facility breaks through the traditional passive entertainment mode of games, and fully mobilizes children's curiosity and exploratory.
2. It absorbs early childhood education elements, promoting children to feel, find and explore in their own world.
3. The children's soft indoor playground also gets the independent playing mode and interactive playing mode together. Therein, the independent game mode provides the chances of presentation and exploration. Thus children can be free from their parents to exercise independent characteristics with wider imaginary, exploratory and created space.

Yet the interactive playing model can bring relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. It can help children to eliminate timidity, tension and the distance with their friends. In this way, children can contact and cooperate with their friends more proactively. This model will do help to mold children's characteristics of optimism and cooperation with others.
4. The indoor playground equipment is shaped in different themes, creating different environments for kids to experience.

Our play equipment is widely used in kindergartens, schools, upscale neighborhoods, amusement parks, markets, cultural squares and so on.

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