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Plastic Playground Equipment

Plastic Playground Equipment


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Plastic Playground Equipment


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Plastic Playground Equipment


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Plastic Playground Equipment


Children's toy is designed and made for specific age groups of kids. We have developed a series of plastic playground equipment according to children's age.

Jigsaw Puzzle
The jigsaw puzzle can enhance children's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and cultivate kids' sense of achievement. Composed of panels with different shapes and rich content, this toy is used to exercise children's ability to think independently and be patient and persistent through combining, splitting and recombining based on certain awareness.

Game Toy
The game toy can train children's ability of practice and thought, develop their mental ability, and exercise operating skills and hand-eye coordination on the base of increasing children's cognitive ability.

Tool Toy
The tool toy helps children to know well about all kinds of tools' shapes, colors and constructions. During this process, it can train children's actual practice ability, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

Fancy Toy
The plastic playground equipment also includes a series of fancy toys for training children's spatial imagination and improving their practice capacity, thus deepening kids' rational understanding of time, animals, vehicles, shapes of houses, colors and so on.

Building Block
The building block can motivate kids' interest in practice and the awareness of reasonable combinations and spatial imagination. Designed in vivid pulling and dragging parts, this product exercises children's walking ability and encourages kids to create for sense of achievement.

Vehicle Toy
The vehicle toy is also a kind of plastic playground equipment. It helps to train kids' abilities of fixing, dragging and managing, increase the hands awareness and self-help ability, and know the changing relationships through fixing, on the basis of increasing children's understanding of trains, cars and other shop trucks' constructions.

Pull Toy
The pull toy can increase children's cognitive ability, and let them know different animals' different characteristics according to different pull animals. It will do well to their walking ability in a large range.

At the premise of certain adaptability to the plastic playground equipment, it contains a series of critical strong points to attract kids' attention and preference, such bright colors, abundant voices, ease of accessibility and so on.

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