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Children's Table and Chair

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Our children's table and chair can be designed and combined as customers want, ranging from the minimum size for 4 kids to the one for tens of kids in middle sized classroom. It can be also shaped in round, square and with stairs.

1.This education facility is made of eco-friendly PE materials that are blown into mold. It is durable and will not deform with the influence of climate and temperature difference.
2. The material of the table top can be recycled and renewed. Due to the edge in humanization design, the table is antiskid, stain resistant and easy to clean.
3. The children's furniture can be adjusted on height freely according to the children's height and the flatness of the ground.
4. The table leg has rubber mats in case of sliding and scratching floors.
5. The kids' table and chair is safe, lightweight, and easy to move.
6. Aside from the long lasting bright color, the product features elaborate workmanship, steady and durable performance and ease of installation.

The children's table and chair is quite suitable for amusement parks, kindergartens, garden districts, villa districts, parks, department stores, super markets, food cities, children's training schools and other children activity places.

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