Garbage Bin

1.The garbage bin has very high requirements on durability and corrosion resistant property of the materials. Our product is made of steel or wood. Therein, the waste container made of steel is done with special antirust technology and it has a strong antirust base. Quality imported advanced outdoor powder is adopted to form superior protective coating through high voltage electrostatic spraying technique. Thus the product is durable and its bright color is also long lasting.
2. Compared with the steel one, the wooden receptacle bin is more eco-friendly. We choose the advanced kapur that will be shaped through heat treatment, deinsectization, anticorrosion and other treatments. Then the product will be sprayed with import outdoor high molecular PU to form the reliable coating. Thus it becomes weatherproof and is not easy to break, deform, rot and be damaged by worms.

Surface Treatment
The garbage bin is wiped off the oil and rust by abrasive blasting. The steel surface and the batten are done with anticorrosion and anti-moth and sprayed in multilayer anti-UV acrylic paint.

The litter bin is beautiful in shining color. It resists moisture, moth, rust, high temperature. This device is very easy to wash.

The product is widely used in work units, schools, streets, parks, beauty spots, areas, squares and other public places.

The product is fixed on the ground directly by the anchoring or place on the ground directly.

  • Model: KQ21115A
    Size: 40×40×89.5cm
  • Model: KQ21115B
    Size: 40×68×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115C
    Size: 45×45×80cm
  • Model: KQ21115D
    Size: 41.5×75×41.5cm
  • Model: KQ21115E
    Size: 40×40×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115F
    Size: 45×40×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115G
    Size: 40×35×85cm
  • Model: KQ21115H
    Size: 42×42×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115I
    Size: 60×35×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115J
    Size: 60×35×90cm
  • Model: KQ21115K
    Size: 85×40×100cm
  • Model: KQ21115L
    Size: 110×40×100cm
  • Model: KQ21115M
    Size: 40×40×80cm
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