Raised Bed

The raised bed gets you close to nature, as a man-made landscape. Against the site environment, we can make different styles of flower beds to meet your requirements. It is convenient for you to plant colorful flowers in it to achieve decorating effect.

1.Our raised bed uses natural woods that have straight grain and even texture.
2. The native appearance of the wood like scars, small holes, thin lines, cracks and notches presents the original landscape of the nature. It is normal that there are small differences in color and size among the same kind of woods.
3. The flower terrace can reflect the nature and casual landscape, different from the elaborated and accurate plastic products or the indoor furniture.

We are mainly engaged in manufacturing and processing the gardens' anticorrosion woods, carbonized woods, sauna boards and so on. Our product is quite suitable for villas, gardens, outdoor leisure facilities, outdoor and indoor decorations, wharfs, bridges, outdoor floors and other fields.

  • Model: KQ21115O
    Size: 75×75×55cm
  • Model: KQ21115P
    Size: 80×80×60cm
  • Model: KQ21115Q
    Size: 100×50×40cm
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