Garden Bench

The garden bench is a convenient facility for passerby to take a rest. It is applied in parks, communities, large amusement parks, shopping markets and other public places. The outdoor leisure chair is mainly made by woods and stainless steels for it is placed outside. It is also quite suitable for hotels, gyms, bars, coffee shops and other indoor spaces. Customer can put it in drawing rooms, bedrooms, studies and balconies.

Our garden furniture looks steady and elegant, as well as serviceable. Integrating many modern elements, most of products are designed in European style. Aside from the fashionable appearance, this facility is also made with advanced technology and materials, functioning excellent corrosion and rust resistance.

1.The garden bench is mainly structured with inner frame made of cast iron that is solid and durable. All the materials are processed with antirust and anticorrosion treatment.
2. The chair plate and backrest frame are superior cone woods. The outer appearance is plated with the special coating for the outdoor facilities through plastic coating technology. Twice grinding and painting makes the surface smooth, soft and elastic.
3. The corners and edges of the product are grinded into round angle. Thus this seat is safe and suitable for kids to use outdoors.
4. The scenic wooden bench is more environmental friendly.

1.The legs of the garden bench are made in cast iron construction with decorative design. The weight of the two legs is 12kg. The backrest is also designed in cast iron with decorative patterns.
2. After varnishing, the cast iron will be painted with archaistic green paint with classical style, improving its weather resistance. The lead content of the paint is under 90PPM, conforming to American 16CFR1303 standard.
3. There are stiffeners between the chair plate and the leg, as well as the wooden pieces of the chair plate, making the product more stable.
4. In the leg of the seat, two holes are reserved for fixation. Thus it is easy to fix the garden bench on the hard ground.

Wooden Garden Bench

  • Model: KQ21116A
    Size: 120cm
  • Model: KQ21116B
    Size: 120cm
  • Model: KQ21116C
    Size: 120cm
  • Model: KQ21116D
    Size: 120cm
  • Model: KQ21116E
  • Model: KQ21116G
    Size: 140cm
  • Model: KQ21116H
    Size: 150cm
  • Model: KQ21116I
    Size: 160cm
  • Model: KQ21116J
    Size: 150cm
  • Model: KQ21116K
    Size: 140cm
  • Model: KQ21116L
    Size: 160cm

Leisure Chair

  • Model: KQ20185A
    Size: 180×60×92cm
  • Model: KQ20185B
    Size: 180×180×76cm

Most of garden seats are composed of wooden strips and legs. In the solid structure, this facility wins more and more preference of users.
a. Steel leg
The leg is made of steel plate or the steel tube through pressing, bending and welding. This kind of leg is easy to shape. In variable styles, it is simple and modern. The surface of the steel structure is sprayed plastic with pickling and phosphating, improving the appearance quality, antirust and anticorrosion performance.

b. Cast iron leg
Most of this kind of legs are made of gray cast iron, as well as some malleable cast iron. The legs are steady, compact and durable. Most of them are European styles with modern elements. This series of garden seats is most commonly used. Configured with tables, this product is suitable for multiple persons to use in the outdoor places.

  • Model: KQ20186A
    Size: 180×180×76cm
    Special water leakage
    design can keep the
    desktop dry.
  • Model: KQ20186B
    Size: 180×60×92cm
  • Model: KQ20186C
    Size: 250×250×76cm
  • Model: KQ20186D
    Size: 250×76cm
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