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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

With the increase of outdoor fitness equipment and areas, more communities are set with outdoor fitness areas, which are convenient for people to do exercises and become more and more importable for the young and old.

1.Our park fitness equipment is simple in structure and easy to use.
2. Due to the intelligent design, it makes users to effectively train their upper limbs, lower limbs, abdomens and backs, increasing the agility and flexibility of human body.
3. This outdoor fitness equipment is engineered to use minimum place and it is very suitable for communities, parks and hospitals.
4. Our outdoor gymnastic equipment selects the materials that are durable, long lasting, lightweight and practical.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Model: KQ20189A Double seated trainer
Function: The double lat pull down can increase the strength of upper limbs, backs and the cardio-pulmonary function.
Usage: Sit down facing the equipment, grip the handlebar, pull it down with force and restore slowly. The outdoor fitness equipment allows up to 2 people at one time.
Size: 207×70×200cm

Model: KQ20189B Double seated wheel
Function: The double seated wheel can strengthen upper limbs and shoulder joints.
Usage: Grip the handlebar of the wheel, and rotate the wheel clockwise or anti clockwise. The instrument is suitable for the youth.
Size: 73×92×188cm

Model: KQ20189C Elliptical machine
Function: The elliptical machine can help to exercise all the joints, improve the cardiopulmonary function, and promote the physical beauty.
Usage: Place your feet on the foot pedals, and grip the handlebar. Don't jump on the footboard. The outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for all. The design allows 1 people each time.
Size: 110×50×145cm

Model: KQ20189D Cardio walking machine
Function: The cardio walking machine can increase the strength of hip joints, waist muscles and the cardio-pulmonary function.
Usage: Place your feet on the footboard, grip the handlebar and move your legs forward and backward. The equipment is more suitable for the middle-aged and the old. The user mustn't move his legs forward and backward together.
Size: 110×46×148cm

Model: KQ20189E Leg press
Function: The leg press users can enhance the upper and lower bodies' muscles, improve the cardiopulmonary function and the ability of coordination.
Usage: Sit on the seat, grip the handlebar, place your feet on the footboard, and your feet stretch repeatedly in the horizontal direction.
Size: 97×55×110cm

Model: KQ20189F Shoulder rotator
Function: The shoulder rotator can help to strengthen the upper body muscles and promote the agility and flexibility of the shoulder.
Usage: Grip the rotator handle and turn in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Climbing the rotator or pulling the rotator in vertical direction is forbidden. The outdoor fitness equipment is effective for people of all aged. The quad-station design allows up to two people to exercise at the same time
Size: 130×105×145cm

Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Model: KQ20189G Parallel bars
Function: The parallel bars can help to strengthen arms, shoulders, backs and chests. Improve the heart and chest channels' function.
Usage: Grip the bars and bend the elbow. Then move up and down. User mustn't pull the bars in the horizontal direction. The equipment is suitable for the middle and the youth. And it allows up to two people to exercise at the same time
Size: 180×55×160cm

Model: KQ20189H Double leg press
Function: The double leg press users can stretch the bladder meridian, and strengthen the digest and lower energizer. It is good for health.
Usage: Sit on the facility, pedal the footboard outward hard, and do it repeatedly. All of the people can use the equipment. The design allows 2 people to use it at the same time.
Size: 175×45×145cm

Model: KQ20189I Arm stretcher
Function: The arm stretcher can help to enhance the upper limb's flexibility and the body's coordination.
Usage: Stand under the string, grip the handle, and pull vertically upwards and downwards slowly. Mustn't pull the single line or pull the line in the oblique direction.
Size: 113×113×235cm

Model: KQ20190A Hip flexor
Function: The hip flexor helps to improve the strength of the abdomen and waist muscles, and develop the flexibility and agility of the waist.
Usage: Place your feet on the footboard, grip the handlebar. First, move backward, and then move like a pendulum. The outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for the middle and the old. When the rocker stops, the users can leave the facility.
Size: 120×91×145cm

Model: KQ20190B Leg lift station
Function: The Leg Lift Station helps to exercise the legs and improve the suppleness and flexibility of the body.
Usage: Uplift the right leg or the left leg, put the leg on the handlebar, tilt your body forward, press your leg, and recover.
Size: 86×86×120cm

Model: KQ20190C Waist and back massager
Function: Relax the muscles in back and in waist, improve the nervous system for health protection.
Usage: Make your body closely against massager, move slowly up and down or right and left. The outdoor fitness equipment is more suitable for the old.
Size: 135×80×142cm

Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Model: KQ20190D Double chest press
Function: The double chest press can strengthen the muscles in upper limbs and backs, and improving coordination of the body.
Instructions: Sit on the chair and hold the handles with both hands. Push upward slowly with force and recover slowly. Repeat the process.
Size: 160×75×220cm

Model: KQ20190E Triple pull-up
Function: The equipment can help to enhance the group muscles in the upper limb and back.
Usage: Grip the handle, pull upward, and recover the process. Repeat the process. The outdoor fitness equipment is more suitable for the middle and the young.
Size: 150×150×230cm

Model: KQ20190F Triple Ab twist
The triple Ab twist can help to enhance the liver and spleen, adjust the endocrine, and activate veins.
Direction: Stand on one of the three elevated platforms evenly with both of your two feet, grasp the handhold, and twist your limbs which are under the waist. The facility suits all ages of people. Three people can exercise together.
Size: 140×140×135cm

Model: KQ20190G Double sit up boards
Function: The double sit up boards can strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Direction: Putting legs on the beam, feet hook the under beam, hands crossed behind head, lie backward, and do sit-ups on the outdoor fitness equipment repeatedly.
Size: 130×112×63cm

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