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    1. Jungle Series Playground Equipment

      The jungle series playground equipment can make children feel they are in the forest of fairy tales. They play in small groups, go into the room looks like a tree, climb up the facility by climbing rocks and slide down through different shapes of slides. Children seem living in the forest happily.

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    1. Animal Series Playground EquipmentThere are different shapes of animals on the roofs. The plastic playground equipment can motivate the kids' curiosity and love for animals.
      Every design is close to the theme, such as the transparent sliding tube, bear shaped door of the spiral slide, etc.
    1. Rhyme of Sea Sailing Series Playground EquipmentThe outdoor play equipment is designed in different colors including warm color, cool colors and silver beach colors. Every color can bring the special visual sensibility to children. The playground equipment demonstrates enthusiasm
    1. Ancient Tribe Series Playground EquipmentYou will feel you are in the ancient tribe. The roof looks like it is made of natural woods or made in similar color to chocolates. Our product is decorated with owl shape, archaistic swing and so on.
    1. Robot Series Playground EquipmentAll of the kids like robots, from which our inspiration comes. The facility can motivate children’s motor cells by the high contrast three-dimensional construction, and it will bring endless happiness.
    1. Pirate Ship Series Playground EquipmentAs the most popular equipment in vivid color and shape, it makes children feel they are on a mighty warship. Somebody operates the rudder, somebody investigates and somebody raise sails.
    1. Tree House Series Playground Equipment

      The leaf shaped roof is lifelike and it is full of forests’ colors, enhancing the visual effect.
      The combined triple slide is our major product. Designed in bright color, it can allow up to 3 children to play with at the same time.

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    1. Castles Series Playground Equipment

      This amusement equipment shows the lordliness and exalted status. It has batteries, gate towers, covered ways, windmills and rainbow bridges. Every scene is an abbreviation of the real world. The castles series playground equipment can make the children explore in a fantasy world.

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    1. Nature Series Playground EquipmentThe nature series playground equipment brings the feeling of returning to nature, freshness and relaxing. The fence shaped climbing rocks are joined with aerial ladder frame and rings naturally. The big mouth frog modeling is vivid.
    1. Dreamland Series Playground EquipmentThe special style of magical hexagonal roof leaves the children enough space of imagination.
      Stone like climbing device, robot climbing equipment and half bend bridge can fully increase children’s climbing ability.
    1. Magical Station Series Playground Equipment

      With unique modeling in bright color, the school playground equipment can make children learn about the charm of the fairy tale during playing. The plastic playground facility can get children interested in searching for knowledge to study ...

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    1. General Series Playground EquipmentThe children plastic playground equipment mainly includes the slide, door, bridge, stairs, platform, ladder, etc. It is designed according to preference of kids to go through holes, climb and slide. The product has different colors and cartoon shapes.
    1. Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame

      This outdoor furniture can fully train and express children's characteristics of taking risks and being brave enough to struggle. This spider-man series climbing frame also helps them to set up confidence, courage and enthusiasm to face the future.

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    1. Plastic Climbing FrameThe safeguard procedures of the playground must be guaranteed to keep kids safe while playing. The colorful rock holders on the climbing frame equipment can guide children to climb up or down. Every climbing holder is not on the same plane, increasing the moving difficulty.
    1. Military Training Series Climbing FrameOur military training series climbing frame is evolved from the army training base. The climbing frame equipment gets all kinds of exercises of the army involved. Without going to the army, children can experience the training programs.
    1. Spring RiderIntegrated with European and American popular styles and the characteristics of the interior market, this product tactfully combines the functional movements of running, going through, climbing, clambering, sliding, turning over and rolling in children’s games.
    1. SeesawThe pillar is pressed by large-scale pipes without fading and its quality meets the standard of BS1387-1985. The product is examined by SAQM. Its surface is coated with electrostatic powder and solidified with high temperature by assembly line. Thus it is smooth, UV and corrosion resistant.
    1. Merry-Go-RoundThe outdoor amusement equipment is designed in reference to European and American popular styles and the characteristics of interior market. It tactfully blends the functional movements of running, going through, climbing, clambering, sliding, turning over and rolling in children’s games.
    1. SwingThe pillar is made of galvanized tubes with the diameter of 114mm and the thickness of 2mm. Its surface is coated with electrostatic powder and solidified with high temperature by assembly line, achieving smooth effect. With excellent performance on resisting UV and corrosion, this device is able to keep the safety of kids while playing.
    1. TrampolineThere are 4 groups of D denser hot dip galvanized steels forming the support parts that are capable of bearing 500kg at maximum. 8 to 10 people are allowed to bounce on the trampoline at the same time.
    1. Inflatable play areaThe inflatable castle is made of super waterproof fabric, realizing scientific stereoscopic combination. This durable equipment is a very comprehensive amusement park. It is popular among the customers because of its randomness and unpowered device. Furthermore, the product is safe, easy to manage and maintain.
  • Indoor Playground Equipment

    The children's soft indoor playground also gets the independent playing mode and interactive playing mode together. Therein, the independent game mode provides the chances of presentation and exploration. Thus children can be free from their parents ...

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  • Plastic Playground EquipmentComposed of panels with different shapes and rich content, this toy is used to exercise children's ability to think independently and be patient and persistent through combining, splitting and recombining based on certain awareness.
  • Children's Table and ChairThe material of the table top can be recycled and renewed. Due to the edge in humanization design, the table is antiskid, stain resistant and easy to clean.
    The children's furniture can be adjusted on height freely according to the children's height and the flatness of the ground.