Technology and Development

We care about how customers feel about our product. Thus in the design and development of products, we try to increase the customers'experience. The children playground equipment is always changing, so we pay more attention to the development. Our powerful technical development groups utilize the latest computer software, materializing the unrestrained inspiration into vivid molds. With the decoration to the related mould and advanced graphic pattern for adjusting the special parts, we will maximize the value of optimal multiple combinations.

Technical Design

This inspiration comes from the owl. The last visual effect is formed after many times' modification. The design breaks the rule of the combination of animals' intimacy and machines' rough feelings. It not only satisfies children's curiosity, but also can make the children learn to create in the life. The middle part is a gazebo and the lower part is a corselet.

The robot roof's inspiration comes from the animals. This new style of appearance looks hard but soft still. It seems to have special fighting capacity.

The inspiration comes from the Ultraman.

This design derives from the flowers. Made of various materials, this toy is shaped vividly, making a fresh impression.

The slide mainly focuses on the shape, which is like a strong arm. It is modified for many times to this final mold.

It is the partial design of wheels. While designing, we think about how to make the product dynamic.

Technical Groups

As a leading company of children's playground equipment, Kaiqi has participated the draft of national standard of China in this field. We are the only one who uses the rotational molding and one-step molding technology, and the automatic welding technology through robot arm from Japan. Moreover, we are the first one to utilize the electrostatic spraying line for surface treatment of the iron and the aluminum molding technology in China.

Our development center locates in Shanghai and we have more than 300 technicians with different skills. Headquartered in Wenzhou, we have built a production base of more than 80,000 square meters.

Technical Advantages

Our rotational molding only requires the strength of the racks can only bear cushioning materials and the weight of the rakes and the mould in order to prevent the material leaking. And the material in the whole forming, the material is not affected by other external force, except the gravity. It is convenient for making and machining the mould. We have the advantage of circle shorten and low cast.

2. Quality
The product made with rotational molding with no inner stress. The quality and the construction are steadier. The standard of our platform is 1150×1150mm is wider than other companies' standard of 1050×1050mm. Quality is more important to us, compared with cutting the cost.

3. Flexibility
It is easy to make the mould of rotational molding products, and the production cost is low. This mold is suitable for making various products in small batch.

4. Individualization
Customers' requirements are personalized. Thus we use rotational molding and seamless welding to make the product in one-step. We offer the color solutions that are easy for adjustment. Moreover, the surface of the product can be designed with the effect that the product seams to be made of woods, stones and metals with figures.