We think highly of not only the happiness brought by our product, but also the safety of kids while playing with it. Safety of kids is presented from following aspects.

Fabrication and Materials of Product

1) Steel structure part
The whole part is made of hot dipping materials. The zinc content on the surface is 160k/m. The thickness of the material is 2.2mm. As a result, it is effectively to prevent the play equipment from being corroded from the inner to the outer, and the service life of the product is prolonged as well.

Some products' dip surface will be damaged during the machining process. Thus we will spray a layer of anti-corrosion prime paint with affluent zinc on the weld surface before spraying plastics, ensuring the zinc will not run off. More than 90% of the welded parts are welded by manipulator with the tolerance of ±0.1mm. The strength of the welding line is tested according to the adults' standards, in order that the product will be safe in use.

2) Thick plate
The thick plate is made of cold rolled steel sheets with the thickness of 2.2mm. The surface of the plate is flat and its supporters are welded on the bottom. Thus the plate can bear the weight of 1000kg. In order to enhance the safety and the service life of our playground equipment, we use automatic punch to machine holes to prevent kids from sliding and falling into the water. The diameter of the holes is 8mm. There are two kinds of methods to deal with the surface, including spraying plastics and covered with plastics. The thickness of the spraying plastics surface is 0.6mm and that of the PVC is 4mm.

We use argon arc welding and CO2 arc welding technologies that meet the standards of GB/T8810-1995. The bearing capacity of the plat form is strong and meets the standard of EN1176. The surface of the thick plate will be sprayed with American DuPont outdoor environmental polyester powder. It is smooth enough and its UV resistance ability reaches level 8. The color is bright and not easy to fade. The electrostatic powder coating facility imported from Korea is controlled with computers, and it is efficient and pollution free.

3) Plastic parts
All of the plastic parts of the play equipment are made of food-grade materials. We import the LLDPE which is special for rotational molding produced by SK and it meets the standards of GB/T 4454-1996. The molding used to make plastic parts is machined by CNC machining center. We can ensure that the plastic part has no prominent part, in order that the children's skin will not be hurt. The thickness of our plastic parts is about 6mm, and the thickness is even. Thus the plastic parts will be safe and their service life will be longer. In addition, the important parts and holes are made through molds without reprocessing, increasing the installation efficiency and safety standard.

4) Wooden parts
The wooden parts can be divided into natural wooden products and the accessories of the indoor playground equipment. All of the wooden parts are made of nontoxic materials. The whole process of design, production, as well as drying is accomplished in accordance with the international standards. Marine cable is adopted and it gets 6 steel wire ropes bundled, capable of bearing the weight of 20 ton.

5) Die-casting aluminum parts
The die-casting aluminum parts are made according to the Germany standards. The marks of the die-casting aluminum are A-S7G and A-S13. The plumbum capacity on its surface meets the standard of Europe. The product is steady and safe.

6) Iron casting
We use the Ø60mm iron casting with the thickness of 2.5mm, the Ø32mm iron casting with the thickness of 2.5mm and the Ø25mm iron casting with the thickness of 2.5. The quality of the iron casting meets the standard of BS1387-1985. The iron casting is welded with argon arc welding and CO2 arc welding in accordance with the standards of GB/T8810-1995.

After shaping, it is treated with hot dipping and slinging. Its surface will be sprayed with Netherlandish Akzo Nobel outdoor environmental polyester powder. It is extremely smooth, UV resistant and anti-corrosion. The surface is designed in bright color that is hard to fade.

7) Screw
All of the screws are made of No.304 stainless steel that meets the precision standards of GB/T1221-1992. The surface is smooth and the prominent part is under the international standard. The outer environmental plastic lid effectively avoids the collision.

8) Protecting net
The protecting net is made of nylon cord knitted by machines. The net is solid and safe, meeting the standards of GB/T3091-2001.

9) Connected part
The connected part is cast by nodular cast iron and equipped with highly locking screws in consistence with the standards of GB/T3091-2001.

10) Single-bridge
The inner part of the single-bridge is composite boards. The composite boards are covered with foam which meets the standard of GB 6675-2003. Its outer package is imported super strong PVC materials that are crossly woven. It features high strength and safety.

11) Carpet
It is made of high density EVA and its size is 60cm×60cm×1.5cm. This product is safe and environmental friendly.

Strict Security Inspection

The product is manufactured and checked unitively according to the EN1176-1 standard.

1) Holding
The supporter can be held for one circle by hand.

Requirements of holding the handrails
If the sections of all the supporters can be held, the diameter is no less than 16mm, and no more than 45mm. we check from the central position.

2) Grasping
The hand can only grasp a part of the supporter.

Requirements of grasping
If the sections of all the supporters can be held, the diameter of the supporters will be less than 60mm.

3) Platform
The taller platform can make one or more users stand on the platform without supporters.
Note: The platform is divided, according of the functions of the platforms. The platform is the thing that allows the users to stand with supporters.

4) Handrail
The handrail helps users to keep balance.

5) Guard Bar
The guard bar of our playground equipment can prevent users from falling.

6) Fencing
The fencing can prevent users from falling and going through from the underneath.

7) Ease of access
Users can move freely and quickly on the platform if they have the basic competence.

8) Requirements on safety protection for gourd
The material is prepared properly before using. For incompact materials, we add 100mm to the minimum depth so that we can make up for the possible skewing of the materials. Silts and clays are forbidden. The particle size can be measured according to the funnel test of EN933-1.

9) Testing finger
We will put 8mm testing finger into the openings with the minimum diameters in order to test whether the fingers will pass. If 8mm test finger passes the openings, we will use 25mm test finger.

This test is used to prevent the children's fingers from being clamped.

Testing finger

Test for preventing the head or the neck from being hooked on.

Tension test is adopted to prevent the screw switches from being pulled down by the outer strength.

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