Service and Caution

1.Presale Service
We not only offer mature products, but also unique designs. Satisfying solutions will be supplied for customers according to the area, budget, color and style requirement because of our professional and creative capability.

Samples are not supplied generally because of high cost and large transportation expense. But the high definition pictures of actual products will be attached. If needed, samples are charged and the freight is included.

2. Service during a Purchase
After an order is confirmed, we will tell the customer about the production schedule, sailing day and the date of arrival. Our product will be provided with detailed installation drawings and directions. Technicians can be assigned for installation if needed, but customers should afford the hospitality expenses. Our technicians will offer training lessons about maintenance and usage of products.

Maintenance is very important in the daily use of the amusement equipment. Vulnerable parts will be packed together with products. If customers want more, they will be sent in the next order. If in emergency need of wearing parts, we can offer free replenishment through express or air transportation. Yet the buyer should afford the expense of transportation and express.

3. After Sales Service
Plastic parts, iron castings and other parts that are not easy to damage are warranted for 2 years. During the period, free replacement is supplied for the part that is not damaged by people. But the buyer should bear the transportation expenses.

1.Only the kids at the age of 3 to 15 can play with our product, accompanied and guided by guardians.
2. Children had better not chase each other during playing games, avoiding unnecessary hurt.
3. Snacks and dangerous things harmful for others' safety and heath are forbidden.
4. Children have to play on the slide in order without climbing up through the exit or staying near the exit.
5. While playing on the swing, children must hold the string with two hands tightly. When the swing stops entirely, children can leave.
6. Please do not move, tear down or loosen the parts of the equipment.
7. Screws will be loose after a long time use, so please check them regularly.
8. Pipes coated with cover, platform, rainbow ladder and other soft parts will be damaged in a long term use. Please check them regularly to keep safety.
9. Although our product is treated to resist rust, it is possible to be rusted if installed in the wet place. Thus it is very important to choose proper installation environment for the equipment.

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