Sustainable Development

Kaiqi is the leading company of outdoor playground equipment. When the climate and low carbon economy are concerned mostly, we place the energy conservation and emission reduction at the first place of our sustainable development strategy.

Daily energy conservation and emission reduction start here.

1. Product Manufacture

We choose the food-grade plastics and imported LLDPE material, which is non-toxic and tasteless. Senior pigment powder imported from America is cured at high temperature, featuring high UV resistance. Aided with light stabilizer and anti-static agent, the rotational molding machine in the large reverse assembly line accomplishes the one-step molding successfully.

2. Product Transportation

Transportation of the play equipment has been taken into consideration when the product is designed. Most of our products are detachable and packaged individually so as to save transportation space, decrease the transportation time and cost.

3. Recycling

We aim to make the playground equipment that is eco-friendly and recycled. The recycling belief passes through the whole process of manufacture. For example, the spray instrument used is the imported computer controlled electrostatic powder spraying device from Korea. The powder is recycled by whirly fan and imported filter element, keeping efficient and pollution free recycling.

4. Electricity Conservation

Energy conservation is implemented thoroughly in the daily work. For instance, the conditioner is controlled under 26°. We enhance the power consumption management of computers, printers, copying machines and water dispensers. The facilities are switched off when we don't need or we are out of work. The workshops are rationed with certain power.